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Welcome to zoneone:

On this page you can find out more about the shows that zoneone currently hosts. You can also click on the hosts names to e-mail them and you can click on the show's titles to go to related sites about them.

zoneone constant
A 24/7 stream of your favourite music. Hopefully to be played whenever a show is not scheduled.

JayCr Radio Live - Hosted By JayCr ( Picture )
This show, namned after JayCr's first internet radio project is all about you. Throw in your requests by the request form, e-mail or MSN/Windows Messenger ( and we'll let you introduce them live on the air. Plus we'll throw in a bit of other stuff to keep you well entertained.

zoneone top ten - Hosted By JayCr ( Picture )
Vote for your favourite song on the zoneone web site and then every week we play back, in order, your top ten favourite tunes for the week as well as theme songs and fave songs.

Requested Dedication - Hosted By Gungon Warrior
We play the music that Elevators ban! Music to tip cows over with! And all other kinds of fun, so come and join in! Request it and we'll play it. Dedicate it and we will announce it along with the heart stopping music from the future, past and present.

Request N Receive - Hosted By DJ KraCkeR
This shows all about you and the world around you. Tune in to get your requests, shoutouts, and jokes all on the air live. Plus your chance to keep informed about events on and concerning you and your planet.

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