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Welcome to zoneone:

Welcome to the official home of zoneone's very first official contest! It's called the "YOU@Z1EMAIL.TK Contest" and here's the way it works. Every week one of our DJ's, and it'll be a surprise which one will play a 30 second audio clip from a song and you the listener will need to answer a question of the DJ's choice about that clip. If your the first to answer that question correctly than you will win for 5 weeks your very own personalized @Z1EMAIL.TK e-mail address, what's so good about this? You can name it almost anything you want! Plus since it forwards to your e-mail address you don't need to make any changes to how you get your e-mail and also since you'll only have it for 5 weeks there's no worry of spam or having people you don't like knowing your actual e-mail address! Plus your choice for e-mail address will be permanetly remembered on this site and you'll also get to choose the name of your address on the air perhaps even live! So don't forget to listen in and answer the question for your chance to win!

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