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Welcome to zoneone:

(14/04/2003, @748 Swatch .beats) - Season two will be starting live on Wednesday, April 16th, 2003 at 8:00pm CST (6:00pm PST, 9:00pm EST). JayCr will be hosting the opening show which is expected to run for roughly 3 hours. Please send in any musical requests (Song Singles only please) in advance to

(02/12/2002, @293 Swatch .beats) - Well if you haven't noticed the site hasn't been touched in the past couple weeks. I am currently trying to learn ASP.NET which I hope will allow me to build a far superior web site to this one and hopefully a web site that you'll find helpful and fun to visit as well. However this "version 2" web site is still in the pre alpha design faze and most of the ideas concerning it are still on paper so don't be watching for it anytime soon. As for the rest of the DJ's we've all been taking an extended break for the past few monthes (except for Bacon who i've heard may be doing some solo work) as soon as we all come back from the break and are ready to start up again I will post another update here. The only thing i'm still working on as far as zoneone is concerned (other than version 2) is another live game download. I still hope to get that onto the download page soon so be sure to watch for it. Well i'll talk to ya all later! Posted By: JayCr

(14/10/2002, @292 Swatch .beats) - We have added a 4th DJ! His name is DJ Bacon and his shows are now listed in the shows section.

(09/10/2002, @192 Swatch .beats) - After a stressfull evening our very own "DJ KraCkeR" has taken a short leave of absence until her next show on Friday at 11:00pm CST. More to follow on this shortly...

(07/10/2002, @020 Swatch .beats) - Well we of course have a new DJ that we've recently added to our ranks, DJ KraCkeR is celebrating her first week with us as I continue to try and decide who the next 2 DJ's to be added to zoneone will be. The site's been updated a couple of times including the new download section and i've replaced my "JayCr Request Show" with a new "Z1 Ants Live" show that i'll start hosting in the next few days which will also be the base for a "Clan Wars" edition i'll be doing hopefully within a few weeks. That about wraps it up for this week, till next time!

(26/09/2002, @680 Swatch .beats) - What a night we had last night, the idea of broadcasting Ants games live has really taken off! Plus we had FCouples who ended up recording some of the games that were broadcast live last night. They should be appearing for free download on Ants+ within the next couple of days and they will hopefully be in the new zoneone downloads section that will be appearing on zoneone within the next couple of weeks. Any requests that I received last night were written down and should hopefully appear on the next show which is currently scheduled for Friday. Until next time everyone!

(12/09/2002, @940 Swatch .beats) - Well i've updated the web site to take advantage of the Swatch Internet Time system and i've also updated a number of other parts of the web site in order to make it a more efficient design. I hope to possibly have another broadcast tonight. See ya all later!

(02/09/2002, 12:22am CST) - Ok, so here's the deal. My computer is like dead. I had a new power supply put in it last week (it's still under warranty) and now that I have it back it looks like the hard drive may be busted too! So as soon as I can get my computer working right again and a playlist back together (stupid me didn't keep a current backup of my zoneone playlist) i'll put the radio back on. I've got some more ideas for content so be sure to watch for that. Anyways, i'll talk to ya all later!

(10/08/2002, 11:59pm CST) - I'm cancelling this weekends radio. It started late last night and nobody's listened so far. Plus I got a new game on Friday so I kinda wanna spend more time playing that. Don't worry, zoneone isn't dying. We're just going through kind of a slow spell as i'm quite busy and alot of people are on holidays. The radio is still schedualed to be on again next Friday so you can tune in then! Talk to ya all later.

(03/08/2002, 7:32pm CST) - Well I just uploaded my new zoneone map onto the Ants+ site. I dunno how long it will be until it's ready to be downloaded but as soon as it is i'll post an update on here so that you can download it and start enjoying it. No shows planned for tonight since i'm going to see a movie but the weekend stream will continue until Monday morning at 12:00am. Talk to ya all later!

(31/07/2002, 12:31pm CST) - Well they just released the map maker program over at the Ants+ web site a couple of days ago and i've decided to try it out myself by making a zoneone map for Ants! You can see a screenshot of it here and you can download the mapmaker here so you can make your own maps! Please send me your feedback on this map here so that I can know what everyone thinks about it before it's released. Talk to ya all later!

(29/07/2002, 12:00am CST) - Well, another weekend of radio has come and gone and at the end of it all there is some news to report. First off +SweetMercy is out of the hospital! On behalf of everyone who works on zoneone I would like to welcome her back and wish her good health in the future. Second, I realized that I had taken down the only link to the zoneone winamp skin, so here is a new link! Hope you enjoy it! Well until next weekend I will see, and talk to ya all later!

(26/07/2002, 11:00pm CST) - Well, here we go again! Another weekend of music has just started! Tune into zoneone by clicking on Listen right now to get in on the fun. We may have some live content later on tomorrow. Keep an eye on the site to find out when. Talk to ya all later!

(22/07/2002, 12:00am CST) - Well our first full weekend of radio has come and gone with only a few hitches here and there. Next weekend I'm not going to be as busy I don't think so i'll try and have a bit of live content in there. Just keep an eye on the web site here for details on next weekends line up. So until we meet again then...

(19/07/2002, 3:30pm CST) - Alright the zoneone weekend stream is live! Later than it's usually going to be though since I had to go to real job. I polished off version 1 of the official zoneone winamp skin today and I might be hosting a request show later on tonight around 11:30pm CST but we'll see, later!

(16/07/2002, 7:26pm CST) - I have just found out that +SweetMercy will be going into the hospital tomorrow and won't be back for around two or three weeks! You can read the rest of the story here. From everyone who helps out with zoneone I would like to wish +SweetMercy good luck and a speedy recovery!

(16/07/2002, 2:19pm CST) - Alright I just got the top 10 voting page working so you can now go there and vote for your favourite song. Not sure yet when the zoneone top ten will premiere but it will likely be within the next 2 weeks.

(16/07/2002, 1:17pm CST) - Hello everyone. First off yes zoneone radio is down at the moment. I went camping on Sunday and my parents turned off my computer before we left. Now when I was trying to decide whether to turn the radio back on or not I realized that if I were to leave it running 24 hours a day, 7 days a week like I had promised it wouldn't be too long before I was paying alot more money every month for extra upload bandwidth. So, here's my comprimise. You will now be able to hear zoneone radio every weekend from 6:00pm CST Friday's to 12:00am CST Monday's. That's still 54 hours of Radio a week and there's a much better chance that some of that time will be live content. So until this weekend, later!

(13/07/2002, 8:30pm CST) - zoneone is live! Enjoy everyone and if you run into any problems then please e-mail me!

(11/07/2002, 1:29pm CST) - Alright I think I have finally decided on a launch date and it's coming up real quick. This Saturday, July 13th, 2002 around 8:30pm CST. We'll start off with a sort of launch party for the first hour and a half of the broadcast where we'll be taking requests and giving you more information about everything that is zoneone. Then at 10:00pm CST we'll have another hour long show, although not quite yet sure what it will be on yet since I won't be hosting it. Anyways after that at 11:00pm CST we'll be switching over to the 24/ 7 stream for zoneone. Also I have a new domain name, talk to ya later!

(10/07/2002, 6:37pm CST) - If you have high speed internet, don't have restrictions on upload bandwidth, live outside of the united states and are interested in becoming a zoneone server then please download this file, learn how to use the server, and then e-mail me to possibly become one of our five permanent servers or a backup server of some type for zoneone.

(06/07/2002, 2:44am CST) - Welcome to the new and official web site for zoneone. It took me forever to settle on this design so please go easy on it! All joking aside I am happy with this web site for now. But if your not then e-mail me and tell me why! The official launch of zoneone will be coming soon and the date will be posted here as soon as it's available. Until then though the Listen links will not work for what I hope are obvious reasons. Talk to ya all later!

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